Ledbetter's Ireland Update

April, 2003

Dear Pastor, Friends, and Church Families,

Greetings again from Ireland! We are constantly reminded here that our labours are never in vain, since they are in the Lord (1Corinthians 15:58)! Thank you for praying for us, and faithfully supporting my family and I as we preach, and win souls, and train them to follow the Lord Jesus Christ!

Pat  - a new name in glory!

Two Saved! They come slow, but they do come Ė praise God! Since February, two people have been born again into the family of God, and are going on strong for Him! The first is named Pat S. Pat started coming out to church in Mallow about 7 months ago, and would surprise us with his level of interest and questions that he would regularly have. Week after week he would come to church, and also to the Bible study that we have in Mallow during the week, but would not respond to the invitation to get saved. Well, he has finally responded, and most wonderfully! He so loves the Lord, and is devouring his Bible, and books I have given him about church history! Amen! Also, Trevor OíC. has been coming out to church in Mallow also for about the same time as Pat, and been slow to respond. Well, he came with our men to our annual Menís Retreat this month (see more below), and got gloriously saved! Well, Glory to God! God is so good!

Missionís Conference! What a blessing the month of March was as we focused the entire month on world evangelism! We took on another missionary family, bringing our number of missionaries that our churches here support to four! And we got a renewed burden for a lost and dying world that needs Jesus Christ!

About 30 of us climb the heights!

Eight new Christians about to get Baptized! With so many getting saved last year, and now, so far this year, there are 8 people who are ready to get baptized as soon as the weather turns warm enough to baptize in the river here! AMEN, and AMEN, and AMEN again!


Martin preaching!


Menís Retreat 2003! This was the best year yet! I have been conducting an annual, three day Menís Spiritual Retreat here in Ireland for 8 years now, and it only gets better and better! Several other churches in Ireland come out and join in the preaching, and fellowshipping, and mountain climbing Ė and we never are the same afterward! 40 men attended this yearís event! At the meeting this year, I already told you about Trevor getting saved, but another man named Allen also got saved at the Retreat, and that makes it all worthwhile! Our Menís Retreat is the highlight of my year because it WORKS!

Update on Our House Fire! We are basically back to normal with all the house repairs almost completed! Thank you all so much for praying for us, and some of you helping us with love gifts! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Building Programme Status. We have currently about $53,000 saved to-date, praise the Lord!

Answers to Your Prayers! One of our ladies, Marlene is doing great! She has cancer, but the Lord is doing a marvelous thing in her heart, and in her family! Also, souls are getting saved! Thatís why we are here!

Prayer Requests

        Keep praying hard for Marlene who has bone cancer. Pray for miraculous remission, all for Godís glory!

        Praise God for Pat and Trevor getting saved! And for our Menís Retreat going so well!

        Continue to pray for the following people to get saved: Sandra, Paul H, and the Mayer family; Charlie, and Carrie all need to get saved; and, we need many new families in the churches here!

        In Mallow, a man named Brian, still needs our prayers Ė God can make all the difference in his life Ė he got saved last year, but he needs a miracle in his life, and more importantly, in his heart!

        Please PRAY for us to be able to buy the property we are currently looking at! We need about $100,000 impossible dollars more to own our own building!


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