Volume VIII, No. 3

August 1998


Dear Praying Friends! Let me start off by just rejoicing for the privilege of serving our wonderful Lord Jesus here in Ireland! There is no greater joy in all of life than to serve HIM! And I thank God that I am allowed to serve with you all! My heart is constantly refreshed to know that everyday there are godly people all across the world praying for us and our labours here in Ireland! I hope you realise that we too pray for you, and your labours as well! All for the glory of His precious Name (Psalm 86:9)!

First Anniversary in Mallow! It has now been over a year since the beginning of Gospel meetings in Mallow, and we rejoice with what God has accomplished! Three souls have gotten saved, and four were baptized during the year, and we simply praise God for the miracle of transformation! There are a lot of walls to overcome in Mallow, so please pray for this area to crumble under the truth of the Gospel!

Fourth Anniversary in Blarney! What is hard to believe is that just four years ago, we began in Blarney with two visitors that first Sunday morning in 1994, and God has given us this year Nine more souls for Christ, with 1 more getting baptized! There is much more work to do, but God sure does bless us with "handfuls on purpose!" A man named Derek Anders came to church a couple of weeks ago hungry for God, and for something that would free him from the "insanity of drink" as he called it. Many hours of spiritual struggle with him finally paid-off, as Derek got on his knees and surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation from sin, its penalty, and its power! Amen and Amen!

Tour de France Tract Blitz! In June, for the first time ever, a portion of the Tour de France bicycle race was held outside of France - and behold, it was begun in Ireland of all places! Hundreds of thousands of people came to Ireland to watch this most impressive of races as 200 top-notch cyclists battled for first position across our hills, and twisty roads! Well, we were there too, with 10,000 Gospel tracts that were written specifically for the event. And what a joy to see them so well received by the multitudes that lined the roadways for miles and miles! There was a lot of "plowing" done that day, and many will get saved because of our efforts! We look forward to reaping soon!

Bible Clubs a Success! The folks at both churches really rallied this year around our Bible Clubs this Summer! Truly there is a lot of work that goes into reaching local families with the Gospel - we developed, and performed everything ourselves, and God rewarded our efforts with Jenna Monaghan getting saved on the last day of the Club! She is a great answer to prayer as her Daddy (Martin Monghan, whom we have prayed much for) has had to go through some real battles for the Lord in trying to reach his family for Christ! Hallelujah for those who pay the price to win the lost! The devil was not asleep though, and sent the local Catholic Monsignor against us, trying to prevent the Clubs from happening - it didn't work!

Prayer Requests

v      Pray for the following folks to get saved: the Mayer Family, Warren Cross, Mary Tighe, Marlene Layton, Eileen Anders, and Isabella Lynch.

v      Pray for the following to grow strong: Derek Anders, Jenna Monaghan, Deila Buckley, Kevin Butler, Ken Manley, Pat Tighe, and The Daly Family.

v      Pray for all the folks at the Churches in both Blarney and Mallow.

v      And pray for us to be faithful preaching Godís word here in Ireland!


Thank you for your faithful prayer, and support!

God bless you all!

The Craig Ledbetter Family in Ireland

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