December 2000

The Reason for the Season

The year 2000 has come to a close – quite quickly if you ask me – and there is so much left to do for the Lord! Europe is rapidly unifying into a hungry world-power once again, and Rome is jockeying for the lead position as always. Don’t be fooled by the relative quietness of this massive transformation of Europe. The ‘god of this world’ (2Cor 4:4) has NOT disappeared, and the Bible’s assessment of the future is still going to play out, just as written – and I am excited to be a part of God’s program that rescues lives from the clutches of darkness and hell, and hinders the devil’s work - AMEN! Folks, Jesus is still the ONLY hope in this dark world, and what a sure hope He is! All of the world’s governments are looking for an amazing world leader to finally bring about “lasting solutions” to the ever escalating problems of life. Funny – the Leader that God provided (Isaiah 9:6,7) was rejected, and crucified on a cruel rugged cross. Thankfully, that Leader LIVES, and is coming back, very soon. Oh how the world, and especially Ireland needs to know that the reason for Jesus being BORN was not to bring “cheer and goodwill to men” but to bring salvation that results in real joy and a transformed life! God bless you all as you labour in our Lord’s business of winning souls, and maturing the saints this Christmas season, and throughout 2001!

Let me quickly tell you about just one recent event in Mallow. I met a 20 year old man named Brian door-to-door who listened as I gave him the Gospel, and left him with a Gospel tract. That next Sunday, walking up towards church a vaguely familiar face came up smiling, who said, “Is this the right place?” He held up a tract with a map giving directions to the church in his hand. I and a couple of other people there couldn't believe this guy’s excitement about coming to church – not a normal event yet in Mallow! In he came, and my, like a sponge, he soaked up the preaching, and bought himself a Bible, and has continued to come now for many weeks. I came to find out in a four hour conversation over coffee that he had thought of being a priest, and had just recently decided against it. Now get this, and get it good – as he talked with many priests about becoming a priest, he got the same message almost without exception from them all – the Bible is NOT God’s Holy Word – it is full of errors – it only confuses – it is full of genocide and injustices – and not even the Gospels are known to be trustworthy. Now, how about THAT!? Folks, pray for Brian, and for Ireland. That’s what goes on behind closed doors in this country.

Big-Time Prayer Requests

I would ask that everyone please pray for the following needs in our ministry here:

Those are surely big requests, that only a GREAT God can answer – thank God we serve THE Great God, “For the LORD your God is God of gods, and Lord of lords, a great God.” Deuteronomy 10:17, AMEN!

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