Ledbetter's Ireland Update - December, 2002


December, 2002


A Very Merry and Blessed Christmas wish, from your Missionaries, the Ledbetters, in Ireland! The dark days, and long nights of this time of year are so outweighed by the bright Light of the glorious good news of the coming of our Saviour! This world’s feeble attempt to imitate that Light with all the tinsel and blinking Christmas lights, only pales in comparison to just the name of Jesus! I’m so glad to be able to tell some blind folks here in Ireland, that there is Somebody who still gives sight to the blind, and can make the lame leap for joy! Thank you for enabling my family and I to preach the Gospel here in Ireland!


Non-Halloween Fun. As we do every Halloween, we gathered at our church, and had a special night of food, games, preaching, and Christian fellowship. The people of the church in Mallow join with the folks in Blarney for a time of Light, as the world all around celebrates its darkness! Let me tell you all – the Christians here thank God that there is a Bible preaching church that goes all the way to not only bring the good news of the Gospel to the Irish, but works hard so that they can gather, grow, and praise God instead of the devil, like so many used to do all through their lives! A total of 48 people gathered in our old “preaching shed” for this church activity, and we heard a great message from one of the men in Mallow named John who clearly has God’s hand upon his life!


Could You help with our Building Program? We have targeted two possible locations, with a third “in the wings” so to speak, for us to purchase here in Ireland, and we need your help. We have been in Ireland for almost 9 years, and planted two churches so far. The church in Blarney is getting ready to get officially organized, and is in need of getting its own building. The people have been saving for over four years, and are ready to trust God for their own building instead of renting, but it is not near enough! What we need is at least $50,000 to allow the church to put a down-payment on property, or $150,000 to pay the down-payment for an Office building. The property is a little under 2 acres, and absolutely perfect for our church – but the owner does not wish to sell to us. The catch is, the land is currently zoned for a church to be on it – and WE want to build one there! We not only need the extra finances, but we need extra prayer to keep the land zoned for a church! As far as the office Building, it is 6,000 square feet, half of which is used by five tenants. They are solid small businesses that will pay the mortgage if we can just come up with the 25% deposit! I would prefer the land, but the office building has its advantages in that it is ready to go, so to speak, and we could use it for several years, and then resell it when we have a good location to build a church on. Both options are more than we know how to pursue, so please, pray with us, and for us!


Prayer Requests


·   One of our ladies, Marlene has bone cancer and is dying. Please covenant with us to pray for miraculous remission!

·   I asked you to pray for a lady named Geraldine D. for great encouragement, and praise God, she got it! Amen!

·   Pray the following lives: Sandra needs to get saved, as does Paul H.; the Mayer family needs to get saved; Charlie, Pat, another Pat, and Carrie all need to get saved; and, we need many new families in the churches here!

·   In Mallow, a young man named Brian, whom you have prayed for before, has been hit pretty hard by the devil. Your prayers can make the difference in his life – he needs a miracle in his life, and more importantly, in his heart!

·   Pray for us to be able to buy property we are currently looking at, or at least something soon!

·   Pray also God would raise up godly leaders in our churches here! We need helpers here as well – full time helpers, along side us and these folks! Will you come?

Craig Ledbetter

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Below is a simple picture of a possible location for our new church building! God's will be done!




An Office Building for sale that we might could use the upstairs as a Church building!