Vol X, No. 1

December 1999

Remember everyone, the Greatest Gift of all time was not placed under a tree, He was hung ON a tree!

Our Warmest Christmas greetings to every saint in Christ! Even though we are so far removed from our family, and from all of you who pray for us and support us here, I just want you all to know that we love you, and miss you much. Know also you are in our hearts here, and we pray God's peace, joy and blessing in every heart and life lived for Him - He is so worthy! And he is coming back soon! Maybe even today!

Early Christmas Gift! We got to participate in giving Jesus an early Christmas present - our youngest son, Joshua got saved! Praise God! He was so sweet and gentle to deal with, and is so happy his heart now belongs to Jesus! If you ask him what happened to his sins, he'd tell you, "Jesus took them all away!" AMEN!

Suicide Alley - I know you have heard of Tornado Alley, but Ireland these days, with all its bulging prosperity is a spiritually dark country. The Irish try and cope with almost 6,000 suicides and attempted suicides a year! Over half are by people under 25 years of age. Just last week a Lawyer, with three young children at home hanged himself in the nearby park. Why? My question is not Why did he do it - but rather, Why didn't he know about Somebody who already took the pain of life and failure and nailed it to the cross (Isaiah 53:3-7)? Why didn't I do more to reach him? And, Why aren't there more soul-winners here with the life-changing news of the Gospel? This country needs repentance more than ever - not just because of suicides, but because one day, every person will die, and stand before a holy God, and will need more than their religious efforts to get them past the "gates." They need Jesus to get them in - do you believe that? Then pray with us for strength, and for helpers to reach more of these dear folks with the true Liberty found in Christ!

Four Day Special Meeting. Our church in Blarney worked very hard to invite loads of people out to view a video called Countdown to Eternity. In two different hotels we met, and of the people who came out, a total of 8 people were known, who were not Christian, but interested in what the Bible has to say about the future, and all the problems in the world. These 8 were our primary target audience. To top it off, each night, after the video presentation finished, various men from our church stood and gave their testimony, and invited the listeners to trust Christ for themselves! It was a great time of growth for everyone, and a lot of good seed was planted!

Rough Time! I'm not going to tell you that it is all an easy ride over here in the Emerald Isle! The devil has been working over-time on all of us! Please keep us as a family, and the folks in our churches lifted up in your prayers, because we need God's strength and protection more than ever!

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