Our Theme in 2001. We have chosen the goal of “EACH ONE, WIN ONE” for 2001, and have already seen some fruit as described below! Our focus in both churches is always on the winning of souls to Jesus Christ, and the discipling of those new Christians. We believe God is still on the throne, and just as worthy of our best efforts as he was yesterday, and the day before that! Pray with us that all the Irish Christians here get “on fire for God” and each one of them would win a soul each! AMEN!

Bearing Fruit. One of the men here named Martin Monaghan led his first soul to Christ - Adrian Cantwell! The two of them are engineers who work together, and Martin and Adrian got to talk a lot about sin, righteousness and judgment. Well, just before Christmas, Adrian realised he was LOST, and cried to Christ to saved his ruined soul! Martin has since been discipling Adrian, and the two of them are really growing! Now, THAT is what we yearn to be happening here all the time!

Struggles.  Two men recently have faced the kind of “storm” that arises when you attempt to go against the current age for Jesus Christ - Brian Haughton, and Joe Hagnett. Brian, got gloriously saved last month, and was ready to take on the whole world for His Saviour! PRAISE GOD! But his “root” (Matthew 13:20,21) had not gone very deep when his family, his past, his friends, and this culture here came against him with the force of a hurricane! All he wanted was to live for Jesus – and just like normal, the world says, “anything but THAT!” Well, he has crumbled, but not been crushed. Just pray for him, that he would take courage in the cross, and in the power of the resurrection, and through these events in his life, he might begin to turn this country upside-down for Christ! The other guy, Joe Hagnett was looking for God, but has not yet repented of his sins, and his goodness’s, so when the storm blew, he crumbled instantly. It just makes you want to cry when you see heart after heart crumble under the weight of this world’s pressure to conform to ITS standards (which are only perverse). All I know is that they are worth all the effort! Thank YOU for also believing so!

Facts About Old Saint Patrick. March 17th is just around the corner, and just a tidbit about dear old St. Patrick for you – Patrick was an English boy who had been kidnapped, and forced to work as a slave on farms in Ireland. He was later able to escape, and return home to England, only to be confronted with the Gospel. He repented, and accepted the FINISHED work of Jesus Christ as sufficient payment for all his sins, and was saved by God’s great grace! But God was not finished – Patrick knew God was calling him to return to the harsh country of the Celts in Ireland to preach and start Churches, and that is just what he did! Patrick would go through the countryside, and enter into a village and bang on a drum until all the townsfolk arrived, and then he would preach from a Bible, explaining the wonderful works of God at Calvary to them in their language. He established over 700 Bible believing churches throughout this Island’s people. It took about 400 years before the catholic church could introduce holy crosses (not seen around here until the mid 800’s), the mass, and paganism back into the culture. It has been since about 800 AD that the catholic church has been in control. It’s time to return control to Jesus. AMEN!

Upcoming Events. We are preparing for several Vacation Bible Schools here, as well as our annual Men’s Retreat, Teen Camp, and Church Retreat in the Summer.  The Bible Institute is going well with its 5 students. Keep these in prayer!


See us on the Web! You can now see what’s happening here in Ireland by going to two web sites! Our own family web site is http://indigo.ie/~craigled/ and our church has its own as well at http://www.biblebc.com - let us know what you think! Our email is, as always, craigled@indigo.ie and nita.ledbetter@oceanfree.net


Prayer Requests

·   For us to be able to buy property and begin building our own church building in Blarney soon! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

·   For a massive harvest of souls – this country is lost folks – lost! No amount of religion can save them. Please pray that all our plowing and planting would very soon bear much fruit!

·   That God would raise up strong, faithful, surrendered men and leaders in our churches in Blarney and Mallow.

·   That the following people would surrender to Christ: Brendan and Catherine Frain, Mary Sommers, Richard Keating, Robert and Ann Bruton, Mary Tighe, and Isabella Lynch.

·   That these people would really GROW: Pauline Myon, Denis Scuffins, Marlene Layton, Kevin Bartlett, Ken & Delia Manley, Pat Tighe, Dennis Linehen, Emmet Lynch, and John Mahony.