Ledbetter's Ireland Update

Vol. XII No. 1

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds . . . 2 Corinthians 10:4

February, 2002

Dear Precious Friends, and Fellow-Labourers in the Lord! With all our hearts, we thank God for your faithfulness in praying for us, and our ministries here in Ireland. There is no way we would have the fruit that we have if we didn't have the powerful prayer support from so many of God's people all over the world! Amen!

Witnessing to a Nun! I have witnessed to several nuns here in Ireland, but recently I had the great joy of witnessing to a nun named Sister Rose-Ary (like the rosary). She is in the hospital here dying of cancer of the throat. I arrived and told her that our church in Mallow was burdened about her, and were praying for her. She was very glad for it and welcomed me into her room. We talked for an hour, and were able to focus simply on Jesus and His finished work on the cross for every person's salvation. She is 80 years old, with over 60 years as a nun! Sadly, in her mind, salvation is very complicated - she hopes she has done enough. Please pray as I go back and talk to her again, and that God would grant her an open-heart to believe that Jesus is all-sufficient! I have also been witnessing to a couple here name Paul and Betty. Betty has a testimony of salvation from several years ago, but Paul is not ready to surrender his sinful life. There is no sadder feeling than to see people walk away from the free gift of salvation! Pray for him!

Some Growing Christians! We praise God how that Celine has now started teaching a children's Sunday School Class! The kids just LOVE her, and she has a real heart for them! I asked you many months back to pray for a man named Joe from Mallow - well, he has gotten saved! He was visiting his brother and heard the gospel from him since his brother had recently gotten saved as well. It was the watering of the word of God by his brother that worked - Joe just needed another witness to confirm the message, and man is he excited! To have seen him transformed from a fear of the Bible's message, to a fearlessness of proclaiming the Gospel now himself, is so sweet to see!

Some folks that God is working on: Celine's daughter Sandra has been coming out to church now for about 7 weeks. She came and was so angry-looking and skeptical as she sat in the very back with her daughter who is 3 years old. Over time she has moved up to the FRONT ROW right in front of me as I preach, and she says she really enjoys church. She has not surrendered to Christ yet, but she is getting a truck-load every Sunday, praise God! Then there is a woman named Geraldine who God is bringing through the valley - her husband is a drunkard and abusive, and has nearly destroyed the entire family. Geraldine however is growing, and her kids are recovering from a life you wouldn't wish on a dog! God is so good!

Looking into a building for a new Meeting Place. The folks in Blarney and I are so burdened about getting a better place to meet in. We see properties all the time, and then inquire about them only to find them exorbitantly priced into the stratosphere! Pray for us as we step out by faith soon, and claim a spot for our own church-house!!!

Pray for Our Mission's Month! Here in our two churches, we dedicate an entire month to World Evangelism! This march we have an Irish man of God named Francis and his wife coming to preach who are going to the country of Malaysia! We are also having an Austrian friend of mine named Helmet Getto coming to work us over spiritually about our responsibility of reaching the people of Europe with the Gospel! Pray that God transforms our churches into Acts 13 churches, sending out missionaries, and preachers into all the world! AMEN, and AMEN!

Prayer Requests

We need to see some miracles in the following lives: Sandra, Francis, and Paul for salvation; Bill D. for a good job; Kevin O'K. needs a better job that doesn't work him 6 days a week, and 10 hours a day; some of the single guys here need godly wives; the Mayer family needs to get saved; we need many new families to get saved and labour along with us!
For us to be able to buy property and begin building our own church building in Blarney soon! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!
Pray also God would raise up godly leaders in our churches here!

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