Ledbetter's Ireland Update




And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto... IRELAND. Acts 13:3,4


All-Excited-Greetings from the Emerald Isle called Ireland! Yes, we made it to the land of our calling, and we have never been more excited about what God is doing, and going to do in our lives than now! Here's a run-down of recent events: Christmas was a time of preparation for our upcoming move, and we enjoyed every minute of it! Our shipping container was packed up in just two hours on December 29th, with the help of the precious people of my sending church, the First Baptist Church of Caldwell, New Jersey, pastor David Bulka! Sunday, January 9th was truly a great day, where I was allowed to preach "just one more time in the States," and then all the men of the church gathered around my family and I to pray for us and the new ministry in Ireland, and officially sent us on our way! What a day! We then left from John F. Kennedy Airport at 7 PM, January 13th, and just 6 1/2 hours later we were in IRELAND! PRAISE GOD!!! With the help of another Missionary already in Ireland, I was able to hit the ground running and began setting up our "shop" by ordering a telephone, setting up a bank account, getting supplies, and learning all I could about this new place called Cork, Ireland! The city of Cork is located in the very South portion of the island of 3 1/2 million people. Truly there is nothing to compare to the things that we experienced those first few days here! Basically we felt like we were dreaming! It took two weeks of looking, but praise the Lord, I finally obtained a car (they are very expensive here)! We next received our container on January 27th, and boy did we have fun unloading that baby! From that time until now, we have been meeting our neighbors, door knocking, handing out tracts on the street in downtown Cork, preaching in a Missionary friend's church, and just settling in to our new life and ministry here! We look forward to seeing people here born into God's family, and trained in God's word!!!

We thank the Lord for the following new churches that began financially and prayerfully supporting us: The Calvary Hill Baptist Church of Pacolet, SC, the Victory Baptist Church of North Bergan, NJ, and the Bible Baptist Church of Conroe, TX! Let me also take this opportunity to publicly thank the Lord for the Bearing Precious Seed ministry of First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio, for all the New Testaments, and John and Romans booklets that they provided for Irish seekers. I also want to thank the Lord for the Fellowship Tract League ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church, Lebanon, Ohio, for their gift of 115,000 Gospel tracts (wow!) that were FREELY given toward seeing Irish sinners come to Christ! Hallelujah!

 Please pray specifically 1) for our neighbors, the Walsh's, McMahons, Reirdons, and the many others to be saved, and 2) that many doors would open in our neighborhood to witness, and 3) that we could get a Bible Study started in one of the homes soon! Truly we love and pray for you all! Do Pray for us, and keep writing!


We have an address in Ireland that you can write to us directly! It is as follows:

Craig Ledbetter (or Nita, Sharon, Joel, Ruth, or Joshua)

4 Woodlands

Cloghroe, Co. Cork


Our telephone number here, including international digits is: 011-353-21-831667

Remember that all support should be sent to us via our Mission Board address below:

Craig Ledbetter

c/o Word for the World

PO Box 849

Rossville, GA 30741

For those of you with computers and modems, my electronic mail address on CompuServe is 72633,2410