Vol X, No. 3

July 2000


Greetings as always, in Jesus’ most precious name! I am very aware of the blessings of God using us here in Ireland as folks pray for us! THANK YOU! I am so glad to serve WITH all of you, in the Great Commission! And what a great thing it is to serve, and see souls saved and growing! That’s what our labours here are all about – and you all have a great part in it!

Six Years in Blarney. This past June marked SIX years in operation. The church currently supports three missionaries (to Bolivia, Bangladesh, and France) · is saving for the construction of its own building · is involved in the starting of the Bible Baptist Church in Mallow · has a Bible Institute with four students · has graduated TEN adults in our 2 year Discipleship Course · goes out most every Saturday soul-winning and knocking on doors · and is wrestling to just bring glory to our great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ by our lives! New folks have started coming faithfully out to church recently: Christian and Blessing Wilson (that’s their real names), and Geraldine Cordero. Also, Marie Agnes Van Peuter (a French lady) came back to church recently after being around in other meetings, only to find that her heart was always here, learning God’s word! She is a wonderful soul-winner, and we thank God for her tender heart!

Soul-Winning. Twenty-five year old, Pauline Myon (a co-worker Marie Agnes brought to church) started coming just a few weeks ago, and right after church her first time she walked right up to me and thanked me for the preaching. I asked her if she understood the Gospel – that she was separated from God by her sins, and that Jesus paid a horrific price so she could be forgiven, and made new by the new birth. She answered, “Yes, I do understand all that.” I said, “Well, what would keep you from getting saved right now?” She broke down into tears and said heavily, “The world, and all my past.” I told her no one is worth going to hell for. She again agreed, but said she needed time. Well, two weeks later, I preached on “What If You Knew the Future?” This time she began weeping in her chair. After the preaching, I sat down next to her and asked her if she remembered what I asked her last time we talked. She nodded. “Well, is the world worth going to hell for?” I prodded. She shook her head. I then said, “What are you going to do about it?” “I want to be saved. Right now. All the world is not worth what I have been through in my life. I’m ready to repent!” I bowed with Pauline as she prayed and asked Christ for that great “gift of eternal life.” My what tears of joy flowed around the church house that day! She has already completed her first Discipleship lesson, and had a friend with her who needs to be saved as well.

Lots of folks in the “wings.” Just some of the names of folks I wish you could meet, who need to be saved include Rick Howatson, who came to us looking for help to clear away the confusion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He is very close to getting saved! Then there is the miracle of some of our neighbours, Catherine and Brendan Frain. They have been “tough-cookies” so-to-speak, but have come out to church recently, and been greatly impressed (especially Catherine) about the truth of the simplicity of the Gospel. Please pray they get saved soon!

On the Home Front. We just converted our garage into a school room! What a lot of work, even with a builder! It has been so needed – with five kids, and four of them spread throughout the house doing their home-school work, it will finally be great to have everything in one room, and all the kids in “class” so-to-speak. I am more burdened than ever to help my kids, and my family to live for God. You think that just because you individually are attempting to serve God, it just by default is true with your children – but I have had my eyes opened to the growing spiritual needs of my family.

A special set of requests: Sarah Johnson (diabetic) has battled major infections for 3 months now; Marlene Layton is facing possible cancer. Also, we have several major upcoming Bible Clubs, a Youth Camp, and our Church Camp.

Prayer List - the Most Important Part

      These desperately need to get saved: Brendan and Catherine Frain, Rick Howatson, Mary Sommers, Richard Keating, Robert and Ann Bruton, Mary Tighe, Honour Heffernan, and Isabella Lynch.

    Pray for these dear folks to grow: Pauline Myon, Denis Scuffins, Peter Synott, Marlene Layton, Kevin Bartlett, Ken Manley, Pat Tighe, Dennis Linehen, Emmet Lynch, and John O’Mahoney.

    Continue to pray that the Lord would send forth labourers into God's harvest here– the harvest is great! COME AND SEE!