Ledbetter's Ireland Update

Vol. XII No. 2

For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds . . . 2 Corinthians 10:4

June, 2002

Greetings from Ireland! I am finally getting around to bringing everyone up-to-date on happenings here in Ireland! All I know is, time is getting shorter and shorter, and your prayers are so necessary for our works, and we really thank you for keeping us before the throne! There are so many activities that we have been involved in since our last letter that I couldn't possibly write about it all. Please go to our website here in Ireland (www.biblebc.com) to see the pictures of people who have been ministered to by your support! You will be blessed!

Men's Retreat in April! What a blessing for 38 men and boys to come out and hear great preaching, pray, and go mountain climbing! Men's Retreat is my personal highlight of the year, and God changed our hearts to be more faithful to the Lord in our lives and homes!

Two Teams Blaze Through Cork - 3,500 doors knocked on in under 3 weeks! We had the amazing blessing of two special groups coming to Ireland to be with us here, and help us in the ministries - and boy were they a help! The first team hailed from New Jersey, and knocked on some 2,000 doors, giving the Gospel to hundreds of people, and generating a massive number of call-backs for me over the next few months! One young lady named Sharon trusted the Lord right at the door with one of the couples who witnessed to her! Praise God! Then, just one week later, a group of young people from Memphis Tennessee came and went door-knocking, held a fantastic Youth Activity night at church, and helped with our first Bible Club of the year - and boy did the devil fight! But God won in the end, with many kids hearing the Gospel for the first time in their lives! After both groups had gone back home, our two churches were on fire for souls, and for training up a Godly generation of kids and adults more than ever here in Ireland!

Two other Souls Saved Recently. Sally is a relative of one of the families here. She has been witnessed to many times, but after watching a video about the coming rapture and Tribulation, Sally said she was now ready to get saved! She trusted Jesus Christ that same night! It's amazing what knowing the future can do! James has been interested for months now in the Gospel, and even came over to our home to specifically ask me questions about the Bible. Well, finally he announced that he had surrendered to Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as his personal Saviour!

Prayer Requests

Thank you again for praying so faithfully for us - we love you and thank God for you all!

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