Ledbetter's IRELAND Update

 June, 2001

Summer Salutations from Ireland! Do you know how to tell it is Summer here in Ireland? The rain is warm! Ireland doesn’t stay green by accident! Seriously, the weather has been great! We are having lots of sun, and we need it!

Let me first tell you about Catherine. Catherine has been a friend of ours for a very long time. She was a neighbour for a while about 4 years ago. We tried several times to tell her and her husband about the Lord, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to get their interest. For many years now, we have asked you to just keep praying for them to receive the Gospel. Well, on Friday, the 8th of June, after two hours of witnessing by Nita, Catherine finally surrendered to Christ! She then came to church that Sunday, and loved it! She openly testified that she had gotten saved, and was such a blessing to watch! Continue to pray for her husband, Brendan, that he too would repent of his religion, and good works, and trust only Christ!

Paul. A faithful man in our church had a “religious experience” many years back, which he thought was his salvation. But for so long he has been struggling with whether he was trusting that experience, or Christ. It seems so simple, but to many people here, salvation is so clouded with so much religious confusion. Paul finally surrendered to the convicting work of the Holy Spirit while walking his dog! He got on his knees and trusted Christ alone for forgiveness, and truly is a changed man!

Ruth Ledbetter. Our second daughter came into Nita and I one evening after church and said she has been doubting her salvation for a long time. We talked for a while, and she knew she had only just prayed a prayer several years back, but had not really surrendered to Jesus for salvation from sin. She then got on her knees with Nita and I, and prayed like I have never heard her pray, and trusted the finished work of Christ for HER sins, and gave us the biggest hugs I ever had! PRAISE GOD!

Status of Priest. The priest, Tadgh (pronounced Tīg, long ‘i’ sound, and hard ‘g’), continues to come out to church!  Please keep him lifted up in prayer!

Seventh Anniversary in Blarney - Fourth Anniversary in Mallow! It sometimes is hard to believe all that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of here in Ireland! God gave us two sweet anniversaries to celebrate: 7 years in Blarney, and 4 years in Mallow. Check out of Web site for photos and reflections (www.biblebc.com).

Thirty three men gather in Killarney to become more Faithful Men

Annual Men’s Retreat. Thirty three men, from six churches gathered in Killarney to hear preaching on Joshua, so that we might “war a good warfare” ourselves, and be “faithful men!” It was a real blessing to have my men meet some of the men of God that are serving our Lord in the Dublin area, and get on fire for souls down here in “our neck of the woods!” We climbed a couple of mountains, cooked up a couple of feasts, heard the best of preaching, played American softball, and went soul-winning together, all to the glory of our great Commander, Jesus Christ!

Prayer Requests


You can now see what’s happening here in Ireland by going to two web sites! Our own family web site is http://indigo.ie/~craigled/ and our church has its own as well at www.biblebc.com  - let us know what you think!

Our e-mail is, as always, craigled@indigo.ie   and nita.ledbetter@oceanfree.net

·   Needs of some special folks. Pray for these people here who are struggling with staying on course for the Lord: Brian H. who wants to really grow, and start being a witness for his Lord – John K. who wants the blessing of a “sound mind” after getting complete victory over alcohol – and Bill and Geraldine D. who want some great miracles in their lives! THANKS!

·   Holiday Bible Clubs are in July, Youth Camp and Church Retreat in August, and all the normal activities (Discipleship, Bible Studies, and Bible Institute) throughout each week! I appreciate all your prayers for these opportunities for growth and service!

·   For us to be able to buy property and begin building our own church building in Blarney soon! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

·   That the following precious people would be saved: Tadgh (the priest), Brendan, Mary, Richard, Robert and Ann, and Isabella.

·   Finally, that God would raise up leaders in our churches here.