Vol X, No. 4

October 2000


Dear Friends and faithful labourers! We have had a really busy time here serving the Lord, and we thank God for your prayers and faithful support that enables us to minister the word of God in Ireland!

Vacation Bible Clubs. We held two Bible Clubs – one in our own back garden, and the other in Mallow. There were a total of 63 kids who attended the two Bible Clubs, and WOW what an active time it was! These kids never get anything spiritual at home, and most have never been allowed to come out to church, but when they come to Bible Club, there is “electricity” to be sure! There is much plowing to be done in their hearts, and so, we intend to keep right on preaching, and faithfully presenting the Jesus of the Bible to these precious souls and their families!

Souls Saved. Two men have been saved by the grace of God recently! The first one, Rick Howatson was a hard case. He was an atheist at first, and a frustrated one at that. He was however searching. He had tried the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and came away sick to his stomach. So I took Rick through the Bible. In the end, it was an invitation at the end of Dr. Kent Hovind’s creation seminar on the Age of the Earth that caused him to get down on his knees at 2.30am one morning, and cry out to God for salvation! AMEN! John Kennedy was at the bottom of his rope in July, and was ready for the picking. Since his salvation, he has just grown and grown and grown! He is such a blessing to have in church!

Bible Club in Mallow!

Pauline Myon getting baptized

John, Josh and Rick – all wet!








Baptisms. We baptized four folks recently. My youngest son Joshua was saved last year, and was all excited about following his Lord, and getting baptized as a testimony to the world that he is going to live for Jesus! The same was true with both Rick Howatson, and John Kennedy! They made a great trio that day in the Blackwater River, near Mallow! A month later, Pauline Myon (who got saved back in July) was baptized with her parents flying in from France to witness this great event!

Youth Camp. We had our first Youth Camp this year, and were thrilled with 10 young people coming away from the world for a week and learning how to walk with the Lord. We were so blessed to have the help of another missionary and his children who came down from Dublin to work with us in reaching these kids while there is hope!

Church Retreat. We also held our Church-Wide Retreat, and again, what a great blessing we all had with great preaching, and fellowship, and some awesome mountain climbing in Ireland’s Black Valley – you all should come and experience it yourselves! It is amazing what the Lord can teach you while climbing mountains!

Creation/Evolution Seminars. Dr. Kent Hovind from Pensacola, Florida was with us for the second time in two years, and the Lord greatly blessed. All-in-all, the estimate is that we averaged about 100 people each night for the three main meetings held, with over half each night being unsaved, and fresh off the street so-to-speak. We prepared our own 12 page booklet entitled Evolution – Fact, or Fraud? and distributed it to all those attending. We also got Dr. Hovind in to speak at the University of Limerick, the Cork Institute of Technology, and at our church in Blarney! He did all this in only three days. There was a lot of groundwork in many hearts laid, and with many contacts to follow-up on! And we praise the Lord!

See us on the Web! You can now see what’s happening here in Ireland by going to two sites! Our own family web site is http://indigo.ie/~craigled/ and our church has its own as well at http://www.biblebc.com  - let us know what you think!

Prayer List - the Most Important Part

   These desperately need to get saved: Brendan and Catherine Frain, Mary Sommers, Richard Keating, Robert and Ann Bruton, Mary Tighe, Honour Heffernan, and Isabella Lynch.

   Pray for these dear folks to grow: Pauline Myon, Denis Scuffins, Marlene Layton, Kevin Bartlett, Ken Manley, Pat Tighe, Dennis Linehen, Emmet Lynch, and John Mahony.

   Pray for the start-up of a University Campus Bible Study.

    And finally, pray for much fruit from our labours here!