Ledbetter's Ireland Update

October, 1999 Vol. IX No. 4

Dear Wonderful Saints in Christ! We so appreciate your prayers for our ministry here in Ireland! Thank you for always taking the time to present our needs before the throne of grace, so that we can keep plowing, planting, and watering hearts with the Gospel message of "Today is the Day of Salvation!" It is a great honour to serve both you folks, as well as the precious saints here in Blarney and Mallow! Truly all the saints in Ireland salute you, and thank you for caring about souls here!

 Saint Peter! Here is an answer to prayer - right after the Lord's Supper this month, Peter Synott, aged 25, came up to me and said, "I have the distinct impression I am not saved." Peter said that while he could agree with everything being preached, he knew he still was not saved. I took him outside, and led Peter through several Scriptures to show him he needed now to surrender to a holy God, and acknowledged he was lost, and in need of Christ. He then bowed his head, and asked the Saviour to save his lost soul! Right after that, he came in, and gave a great public testimony how he had just got saved - the whole church shouted with joy!

 Another Wedding! I was privileged to preach my second wedding here in Ireland, with over 100 guests, most of which were not saved, and had never heard the clear Gospel of the grace of God that so easily is shown in a marriage! David and Francis Shilling, and their wedding are a great answer to prayer - so, pray for their growth, and faithfulness in their lives to our wonderful, and worthy Lord Jesus!

To Climb a Mountain. Just for fun, some of the lads in church (including my 6 year old Joshua) climbed the highest mountain in Ireland - it's called Carrantuohill, and it's a whopper! It took 7 hours at top speed to climb 11 miles to the top and back down to the car! We were thrilled, and exhausted! At the top we praised God, and gave other climbers Gospel tracts! We told folks it's a whole lot further to heaven; so, better get saved!

 What is Coming up? There is a great door open unto us here in Ireland - with the year 2000 coming up, we are using everything possible to reach these Irish folks with the Gospel! We have two special meetings coming up with a lot of planning, and preparation involved - I will be speaking on Future events in two different hotels. Pray for our soul-winning to be fruitful, as well as our resolve to stay close to Jesus through every spiritual tempest! The devil is fighting "tooth-and-nail!" But our burden for souls is greater!

 Prayer List - the most important part:

v      These need to get saved: Ray Panzevecchia, Mary Sommers, Richard Keating, Robert and Ann Bruton, Mary Tighe, Honour Heffernan, and Isabella Lynch.

v      Pray for these to be protected, and to grow strong: Marlene Layton, Jenna Monaghan, Kevin Bartlett, Ken Manley, Pat Tighe, Dennis Linehen, and Emmet Lynch, and John O’Mahoney (in Mallow).

v      Pray for the health of: Ann Johnson in Mallow, and her daughter Sarah (very bad diabetic), and for Paul Layton who's been having a lot of health problems.

v      Finally, I ask you all to pray the Lord would send forth-labourers into God's harvest here– the harvest is great! Come and see! You will never be the same!

Answers to Prayer

v      Peter Synott got saved!

v      The wedding of David and Francis Shilling brought glory to God!

v      So many of the saints are growing, and going for the Lord! Thank God!

Always for Souls – The Ledbetter Family