September, 2001

Thank You! I can’t thank you all enough, just knowing that you pray for us, and our efforts here in Ireland! The fact that so many of you pray for us, and write us to tell us that you pray for us, keeps us pressing towards the prize! AMEN! There are so many of you who are such a blessing to us sending us books for the kids to read, and letters, that all I can say is, “I am eternally indebted to your love for us!” Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

God’s hand! A woman named Celine started coming out to church back in July with many questions, and a burden on her heart. She has slowly, and carefully made some decisions about the Bible being truly God’s word, and the roman catholic church being full of “problems.” She is not saved as of yet, but she knows she isn’t – which is great! She not only comes on a Sunday, but also regularly to our Wednesday evening Bible Study. Please pray that she surrenders to the glorious gospel soon!

Baptism! Two soldiers of the Lord were baptized in the river this August, with more on the way! Joe and Weston both got saved in the last three months, and have just been growing, and tearing-up the country-side going door-to-door with the other men soul-winning every week! At first Weston was terrified, and I mean, TERRIFIED, but since getting baptized, he is becoming BOLD as a lion!

Update on Tadgh the Priest. Tadgh continues to come to church, and to some of the Bible Studies, and even says he did finally received Christ back in February – which contradicts a lot of other statements he has made in the past. Thank God Tadgh at least is still coming to the meetings, and the Lord knows best how to nurture, and to weed in people's hearts! AMEN! Please keep him in prayer!

Soul-Winning Blitz! We had a wonderful time during a week-long soul-wining blitz in August! 16 people went out all week long (some for a few hours, others, most of each day), knocking on doors, and witnessing to everyone all over our area! We wrote a special tract called, “Some Serious Questions” concerning catholicsm (this tract is on our website), and included a flyer of the church, as well as a form for sending back to us with requests for prayer, Bibles, or a Bible Study in their home! We have already received ONE form back asking for both a Bible and to have a Bible Study in their home! Well, GLORY! So far, that makes over 20 contacts and call-backs that we are still working on witnessing to from the Blitz!

In the United States in October.  NEWS FLASH! For the entire month of October, my family and I are being flown back to the U.S. for three Mission’s Conferences – WOW! We are delighted. I will be in Ocean County Baptist Church, Toms River, NJ; then we all will be in Hilltop Baptist Temple, Cedar Park, TX; and then First Bible Baptist Church, Plainville, CT. I have also booked preaching in three other churches that support us. Our schedule is FULL, so we won’t be able to fit any more churches in! Oh well! Please pray for me, that I would be a blessing as I preach and report on God’s work here!

Bible Institute. To prepare for me being gone for 5 Sundays, our Bible Institute has been in high-gear focusing on Preaching – and boy has it been wonderful! God has been fashioning many of the men in our church in Blarney into some great preachers, and I sit back in awe of God’s power through PREACHING! Pray for the men, and a few others coming down from Dublin to cover for me as we are traveling in the States this October!

Prayer Requests

·         We need to see some miracles in the following lives: Celine for salvation; Bill D. for a good job; Kevin O’K. needs a better job that doesn’t work him 6 days a week, and 10 hours a day; some of the single guys here need godly wives; the Mayer family needs to get saved; Paul and Betty need to get saved; for all the contacts we have made recently during the Soul-Winning Blitz and our normal Thursday soul-winning; and Brian H. could still do with some supernatural boost!

·         For us to be able to buy property and begin building our own church building in Blarney soon! PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

·         That God would raise up leaders in our churches here.


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