August, 2002

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One of the Bible Clubs in Mallow
Greetings from Ireland! What a life my family and I get to live, serving the Lord Jesus in Ireland! We are so blessed, and we know it is only because of the grace of God, and the prayers and support of God’s people! Thank you! To see all that goes on here check out our church’s web site: to see the pictures of people who have been ministered to by your support! You will be blessed!

A New Name Written Down in Glory! God is tenderly, and yet methodically working on the family of one of our folks here in Blarney. First it was Lily, praying for her son Weston to get saved, and July of last year, Weston surrendered to Christ. Now comes Eileen! Praise God! She got saved during the Lord’s Supper, when I preached the Gospel (which I always do to make sure people don’t think it is a Mass). The word in the church is, “Three down – four to go!” Lily’s husband, and other children are heavily on our prayer lists, because Jesus is worthy!

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Our best youth camp yet!
Three Bible Clubs. This summer we held three neighbourhood Bible Clubs. One in Mallow, and two in two different neighbourhoods in Ballincollig, where we live. We had the blessing of having Leona Foxworth from Florida here to help during the summer. She did a lot of work, and was a great blessing to the folks here in Ireland! A total of 70 kids came out and heard the gospel across the three weeks of clubs. Some of the kids are very close to getting saved – it is not like it is over in the States – you have to start from scratch with these folks due to the spiritual darkness and blindness of religion!

Youth Camp. A solid week with 23 kids – that’s what it was! A great week of preaching, singing, hiking, eating, and growing closer to the Lord as we all determined to “Go against the flow” of this world! God provided 9 precious adult helpers for this year’s Camp, and it was our best yet!

Bible Institute. Ploughing along, the folks in the Institute so far have gotten neck deep into Genesis, and are loving it! We had a break from Institute since Christmas, but since June, are back in full force, and with a bunch of new faces totaling 11 students! The Lord is good to us! Pray for these folks to find God’s will for their lives, and fulfill it with all their strength!

Discipleship. Up until last year, I was doing all the discipleships myself. Then one of the men, Paul started discipling 3 people in his home, and now Kevin OK is discipling 3 people, Martin M is discipling a family, and Marie is discipling 3 ladies as well! WOW! But don’t think I am out of a job yet – I have another 9 people I am discipling at present - but I thank God that He is raising up some FELLOW-servants in the work, praise God!

By-the-way… We all had our first experience at Paint-Ball back in July, and WOW, what a BLAST! Painful, but a lot of fun! It easily taught us all quite well about having always on the WHOLE armour of God! AMEN!

Prayer Requests

·   Some Answers to prayer first – Eileen got saved! Pray for the rest of her family, and more families to get saved. There are several folks who are on the fringe, yet who are spiritually hungry. Pray God brings revival here please!

·   Pray for miracles in the following lives: Sandra needs to get saved, and so does Paul H. One of our men, Bill D. desperately needs a good job; some of the single guys here need godly wives; the Mayer family still needs to get saved; and, we need many new families in the churches here!

·   Pray for us to be able to buy property and begin building our own church building in Blarney!

·   Pray also God would raise up godly leaders in our churches here! There are right now FIVE men who have God’s hand on their lives, who need to start taking some major steps of faith! Pray with them for courage! They, with God’s help are the key to reaching Ireland!

Thank you for praying for us – we love you and thank God for you!