January 1995

Dear Praying Friends Around the World!


Hello” to one and all in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ! Christmas has come and gone and we are well into 1995! During the holidays, most people here slow down and spend time with family, but we used the holidays for the Gospel’s sake! We went on an advertising blitz in our area! I wrote got published a specific Christmas article for the local newspaper presenting the Gospel. I also published an advertisement stating that “Our SIN, and NOT Santa brought Jesus Christ to earth”. I then wrote a small Christmas tract and put it together with a special Jack Chick tract so that together, the real message of Christmas would be clearly presented to the people here. Several helping hands from people in the church placed the tracts into over 1,000 homes in just two weeks! Amen! We were really quite well received! Pray for us as we endeavor to do more for our Saviour here this coming year as He opens the doors!


Bible Baptist Church Statistics: Here are some of the things that the Lord enabled us to accomplish here in Ireland during our first year on the field: The establishing of our home; acquisition of a regular Meeting Place; distribution of over 10,000 leaflets and tracts in area homes; the winning of eight souls to Jesus Christ; A high attendance of 18 on July 31, 1994; An average attendance of 11 in the morning services, and 12 in the evening services; 46 people have come to at least one service through the church’s seven months of operation; the current discipleship of three people; establishment of a Discipleship-by-Mail programme; development of the Meeting Hall into a more presentable place (at least on the inside) through extensive painting, and the creation of various items that made the hall a presentable worship and training center; and the instigation of Blitz’s to regularly distribute Gospel tracts to people in the local village centers on Saturdays! We really believe that this is a great start and testimony of things to come by God’s grace!!! There is more, and already the Lord has blessed us this year, but I will save that until our next newsletter!

We thank the Lord Jesus for the following churches that have taken us on for financial and prayer support: New Testament Baptist Church of Elizabethtown, TN, the Central Baptist Church of Hattisburg, MS and the Gadera Bible Baptist Church of Butler, PA! Amen again!

Please pray with us earnestly: 1) for these to be saved: Lisa O’Driscoll, The O’Riordans, the O’Mahony and O'Donovan families, the Monaghan family, Michael Fitzgerald, and Phil and Denise, 2) for the growth and commitment of new Christians, 3) for the Bible Baptist Church of Blarney, and finally 4) that we would be effective serving our Lord here in Blarney, IRELAND! We love and pray for you all! Keep praying for us!


Many churches and individuals still send mail to our old addresses, and others have requested an updated list of personal information, so here goes:

Field Mailing Address:

The Craig Ledbetter Family

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland

Telephone Number: 011-353-21-875142

Electronic Mail: CompuServe ID 72633,2410

Birthdays and Ages:

              Craig          Feb 20, 1963       31 yrs

              Nita           Nov 19, 1965      29 yrs

              Sharon       Jan 28, 1987        8 yrs

              Joel            Sep 19, 1988       6 yrs

              Ruth          May 27, 1990     4 yrs

              Joshua       Sep 23, 1993       1 1/2 yrs

Wedding Anniversary: May 25, 1985 10 yrs!!!