July, 2005

Dear Precious Friends in the Ministry!

Praise God for New Believers! Well, two more souls are born again here! First there is Clair C who has been coming for about three months and finally came forward one Sunday with a huge smile on her face saying “THANK YOU!” I was not sure just what was going on but I had an idea. She went on, “That was the best message I have ever heard and it all came together for me and I finally dumped my Catholicism and have accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord!” All I could do was SHOUT AMEN and told her she needed to go tell someone, and in 2 minutes a dozen ladies were all gathered around her crying and praising God, and we had us a revival! Then there is David D who has been struggling with some things and realized he was struggling alone – he was not saved. So one afternoon I met with him and he repented, and gloriously surrendered to the only wise God and our Saviour Jesus Christ! He’s not been the same since! Oh brethren, there are so many others here who are just a hair-breadth away from surrendering to God’s grace and getting saved!


Church Anniversaries are Sweet. During the month of June, our church in Ballincollig celebrated ELEVEN years of preaching and winning souls and discipling! The 60 of us had a wonderful time of sharing memories and a strong vision for the future. God has been so very good to us and amazingly uses us in spite of ourselves! Amen! The church in Mallow (which by-the-way is growing by leaps and bounds) had 76 in church on its EIGHTH anniversary Sunday! Whew! There is so much potential in our communities, and so much need! We thank the Lord, and we thank the Greg Durham family for helping us with that work there in Mallow!


Four Baptized – Four More to Come! A fine Irish summer day, and what better thing to do than gather at a river, sing the Gospel story, preach the truth about salvation to about 70 people, and then hear four precious testimonies of how God can still reach down and save sinners just before they go under water in public testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ! Devon M, Clair C (who had just got saved a few weeks prior), Gina M, and Barry K blessed our hearts with their courage and faith as they got baptized! There are four more who will be getting baptized in just a few weeks – if the Rapture doesn’t happen first!



Great Time of Preaching in Three Churches in New York! I was privileged to be flown to preach in three great Mission’s meetings in upstate New York and it was a great time of refreshing and reporting on what God is doing here, and I thank God for all the churches that are still sin-hating, devil-fighting, soul-winning, Bible-believing, heaven-hungry, and Spirit-filled to the brim! Dear supporting pastors and churches – PLEASE! NEVER CHANGE!!!


Our Oldest Daughter Graduates! Well, Sharon has grown up! She turned eighteen last January, and now has finished High School (Home-schooled all the way from kindergarten), and is heading off to Bible College at the end of August! Amen! We had a marvellous Graduation Ceremony with over 70 people attending, and a reception dinner that just made the day remarkable, and memorable! I thank God for all my children, and look forward to God using them in absolutely incredible ways!


Nita and I Celebrate Twenty Years Married! Funny how time rolls on, but twenty years have passed this past May, and I am so in love with this woman! God gave us each other, and then gave us each of our five precious children, and then put us into the ministry, and has given us an eternity to praise Him for every memory of every gift! It all is still a miracle!


Prayer Requests

   Upcoming Events to pray for! Our Summer Bible Clubs (the same is Vacation Bible School) this month, and our massive Victory Youth Camp in August! They won’t mean anything without God’s blessing upon them!

   There are dozens of people we are working on to get saved. Please pray specifically for Sandra O’C, Sean H, Nora OK, Michael M, Ken D who is seriously ill, and many others – please pray that our efforts bear much fruit in these lives here!


Finally, keep praying for us to be able to buy property here in Ireland!


May God bless you all mightily – We Love you and Thank God for you!

Bro. Craig Ledbetter and Family