June 1994

Dear Praying Friends,


Greetings again one and all in the name of Jesus Christ! There are so many things to bring you up to date on in this letter! First, the Bible Baptist Church of Blarney, Ireland, began to hold preaching services on Sunday, June 5th, 1994, and the Lord truly blessed! We had two folks come to our first service at 10:30am and they returned that evening for more “preaching” at 6pm! We were thrilled! The same two returned the next Sunday, but with three visitors! The Lord has opened up a place for us to meet in called the T.A. Meeting Hall! This place is remarkable! God has allowed us to have it for just $3 an hour! Amen! And that includes electricity! It needed a lot of cleaning, but the place is worth it, and EVERYBODY knows where it is - so we have both a good location, and easy recognition!




of Blarney, IRELAND

Began Services June 5th, 1994!

There have been so many answers to prayer: first, I have been spending two evenings a week with a man named Martin Manahan discipling him in the Bible and watching him grow in the Lord! He was saved eight years ago when he turned to the Bible and trusted Jesus Christ alone for salvation. But since then, he has never had any real Christian fellowship. After one of our discipleship times, Martin determined that he wants to be Scripturally baptized, and then begin to do something for the Lord who saved him! Praise the Lord! I led another man named Michael Matthews to Christ at the end of May and saw such a change take place in his life as well! The pressure from friends and family however began to swell around him. Pray that Michael would become strong in the Lord, and live for Him no matter what! Martin Hayes was also saved toward the end of May, and has a lot of growing to do himself! He will be a great testimony for the Lord as he learns to be a light for Jesus Christ in this dark island! Pray for his wife Marie that she would be saved soon! Also, a young lady named Vanessa Denny started coming to services, and got saved right after an evening service! Praise God! My wife Nita has already begun discipling her!!!


IMPORTANT NOTE: WE ARE MOVING! We have been here now almost five months and our lease has finished in the house we are currently renting. We have found another house nearby and moving the first of July! I will inform you of our new telephone number when we have it. The address is:

Craig Ledbetter Family

29 Westcourt Heights

Ballincollig, Co. Cork, IRELAND

Many thanks go to Dr. Larry Maxwell and his family in New York for sending us two spectacular puppets for use in the ministry here, and to Hilltop Baptist Temple of Cedar Park, Texas, for sending us a third incredible puppet and a big box of Bibles! Amen! The puppets do such a work conveying the Gospel to the young people in the housing estates! Pray that both young and old will drop their resistance and learn of salvation through the use of these tools! Also, many thanks go to you all for faithful prayers and support that we might be here doing this great work!


Please pray 1) for these people who are close to being saved: Marie Hayes, and Kevin Murphy, 2) for the growth and commitment of these new Christians: Vanessa Denny, Michael Murphy, and Martin Hayes, 3) pray for the Bible Baptist Church of Blarney, and finally 4) that we would be effective as we serve our Lord here in Blarney, Ireland! We love and pray for you all!  Keep praying for us!