November and December, 2004


Merry Christmas Dear Pastor, Church Families, and Friends!


Thank you all for your love, prayers, and financial support! Even though the weather has turned dull and grey, and cold and dark, we possess such a Light that makes this time of year so awesome! Christmas time! And what is more amazing, is to see it affect the people of this dark nation, sometimes slowly, but always surely! God’s work in the hearts and lives of Irish people is the most rewarding experience, and we ask that you keep us fervently in prayer for more souls to be saved, and lives to be changed with the precious word of God. Almost eleven years serving here, and we “ain’t seen nothing yet!” And it was shown recently when, to our pleasant surprise Tony M. here led his 23 year old daughter Gina to Christ in October! She gave her testimony in front of church and had us all overwhelmed at the work of the cross on Irish souls! She is just another miracle we have had the privilege of seeing here in Ireland!


The Durham Family has Arrived! In answer to some long-time praying, God has brought a godly, dedicated family along side ours to help in the winning of souls, and training of lives for the work of the ministry in establishing New Testament Churches here in Ireland. Greg and Christa, with their three boys already have won the admiration and love of all the people of both churches, and will be such a blessing in everything we do here!


Friend Day! Every year we reach out far and wide to bring folks to Church to hear the Gospel, and we create a warm atmosphere of love and simplicity for the lost to know what Jesus Christ’s coming was all about. Both churches had great turn-outs with many first-time visitors. The neat thing has been to see them come back again after Friend Day, and slowly respond to the work of the Holy Spirit.


Kid’s Church. Back at the end of September, the young people of the Church in Ballincollig conducted every aspect of the evening Church meeting. Three of the young men preached (and what a great set of messages they preached), all the kids sang, and there were also some very enjoyable skits that they performed. What a blessing to us old folks to see God’s hand on the next generation!


Fifth Missionary Family Taken on by our Church here in Ireland. The joy of doing the work of Church Planting is seeing the new Christians here getting a burden for the lost all over the world! The David Fetter family came through Ireland recently, and our folks caught their burden for souls in Micronesia of all places! Amen! That brings the number of Missionary Families that our Church in Ballincollig financially and prayerfully supports to FIVE representing us in Bolivia, France, Wales, Dublin, and now Micronesia!


Trip to the States was a Blessing. In October, my oldest daughter Sharon and I went to the States for two weeks. The first week, I preached a revival in Maryland, which went very well! With me being obviously insufficient for the task, God reached down and blessed that church with one soul saved, and lots of good work by the Holy Spirit in their lives. The next week Sharon and I visited two Bible Colleges for her to pray about attending! Whew! I thought old time preaching was almost gone, but we met a new generation that still believes the old Black Book, and has a burden for souls! And the hundreds of students all testified to the need of this world to hear the same old Gospel that still transforms lives! Pray for Sharon as she seeks God’s will, and sets off in pursuit of His glory!

Prayer Requests

                              Upcoming Events to pray for! Christmas time has lots of activities and opportunities for presenting the Gospel to the Irish – please pray that we are effective, and empowered with the Holy Spirit of God in everything we do!

                              There are dozens of people we are working on to get saved. Please pray specifically for Nora, Michael M., Ken D. who is seriously ill, and Sean H. – please pray that we bear much fruit in these lives here!

                               Please also continue to PRAY for us to be able to buy property here in Ireland, and that the Lord would direct us to the right piece of dirt, with just a little bit of grass to build on! AMEN!



May God bless you all mightily – We Love and Thank God for you!

Bro. Craig Ledbetter and Family


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