November, 2003

Dear Pastor, Friends, and Church Families,

What a blessing you all are to us, here in Ireland! It is by God’s great grace that salvation Himself came, and took our place on the cross of Calvary (Luke 2:30)! I can never get over how wonderful it is just to preach and tell the Irish of the simplicity of Jesus Christ! Thank you for being such an important part of our ministry, through your prayers and giving! Thank you! O how we pray for you all to have a very Merry Christmas, and a year full of God’s power on your homes and lives as we strive together for turning this old world upside down once more!

Kevin and Eileen

Another Irish Wedding! I had the great privilege of marrying two of our dear church people this past September, and what a wedding day it was! A hundred people gathered to honour this couple who have honoured the Lord Jesus by their lives, and by their commitment to each other! Many of the family and friends who came heard the Gospel for the first time in their lives! Kevin and Eileen need all our prayers for strength to stand together as a family in this wicked world!
Friend Day! We haven’t had a Friend Day in a couple of years, so this was something special, and the Lord blessed with so many of our people working so hard to bring out visitors so that they could hear the Gospel! We had a total of 60 people in church, with 8 first-time visitors, and 7 other people that haven’t been out in a very long time! We were so blessed!

Friend Day, in Balrney

Betsy Leaving. We have had a single missionary lady working with us for the past year, and have been greatly helped by her labours here – in the Sunday School, with secretarial work, and opening her home for Bible Studies and Discipleships! But alas, she has met her “match” and is leaving to go home to the US to be married! We thank God for Betsy being here, and pray that the Lord would raise up someone else to work along with us for souls here in Ireland!
Revival Meeting with Jim Green. We had a very special treat in October when Pastor and Mrs. Jim Green from Michigan came and ministered to us in song, and Bro. Jim preaching – we had a taste of revival! Oh how we yearn for God to transform our lives to be more like our Saviour’s! Bro. Green and his wife helped us in so many ways, and we are totally indebted to their kindnesses and love!
Normal Stuff. As always we remain very busy with almost daily Discipleship training, Bible Institute teaching, Home-Schooling, Teen-Studies and Activities, Preaching, Saturday Prayer Meetings, Soul-Winning, Ladies’ Fellow-ships, and more. Thank you for labouring along with us in prayer! God honours your faithfulness!
Upcoming Events to pray for! Our upcoming Christmas Dinner (lots of unsaved family members come out for a Christmas Dinner, and hear the Gospel – pray for many to come and get saved), Christmas Puppet Play (a great evan-gelism tool), New Year’s Eve Services (a special time for us to get together and fellowship), and please pray for a full and fruitful 2004 here in Ireland!

Prayer Requests
• Keep praying for Marlene who has bone cancer, that she has a miraculous remission!
• Pray for several people who need to get saved: Dina O’M, Sandra O’C, Devon M, Brendan F, Martin and Celine C, Paul H, and Deirdre G.
• As always, please continue to PRAY for us to be able to buy property here in Ireland, and that the Lord would supply the necessary monies to make it happen! AMEN! We are consistently putting away money for the eventual purchase of land, but need the vision to see it through!

May God bless you all mightily,
Bro. Craig Ledbetter and Family