Ledbetter Family Portraits

Recent Photographs of our family and ministry here in Ireland!
New photographs are interspersed throughout this page! Enjoy!

Oh we are going back in time with these! Enjoy!

December, 1993

Spring of 1994, just after we arrived in Ireland.


December, 1996

December, 1998


Nita, Sharon, Joel, Ruth, Joshua, and Sarah, all in front of the incredibly majestic Cliffs of Moher in western Ireland.

Picture taken December, 1998.







The whole family with Barbara Ledbetter (Craig's Mom) at the Waterford Crystal factory. June 14th, 1999







The Ledbetter Family (October, 2001)

The Ledbetter Family (March, 2004)
Missionaries serving our Lord in Ireland
(A little plain-looking, but at least it is more up-to-date)

Christmas, 2004

Family picture out in the SNOW on Christmas Day, 2004
in Ireland of all places!

Some of the neighbourhood kids help Joshua and I build
a very big snowman - one of many!

Just look at that SNOW just outside our home in Ireland!

Christmas 2006

There's more coming! Just be patient!

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